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During the summer of 1663, indentured servants (held for several years of service) in the Poropotank River and Purtan Bay region plotted an insurrection against their masters to occur on 13 Sept. 1663. It was prevented when John Berkenhead, servan…
Presented in honor of those who served our country. To them we owe our freedom
Walking straight into the mouth of early death facing superior enemy fire power and while greatly outnumbered, this soldier displayed courage and valor, above and beyond the call of duty. His act of conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity occurred M…
To commemorate the valor and patriotism of the men, and the devotion and sacrifice of the women of Middlesex in defense of their liberties and their homes.
In 1849, the county seat of Middlesex was moved from Urbanna to Saluda. Engineer John P. Hill completed the present courthouse in 1852. During the Civil War, Federal cavalrymen stationed in Yorktown made several excursions through the county. Cour…
Middlesex CountyArea 146 Square MilesFormed in 1673 from Lancaster, and named for an English County. Rosegill, frequented by colonial governors, is here.Gloucester CountyArea 223 Square MilesFormed in 1651 from York, and named for Gloucester Count…