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Pioneer social reformer, activist for women's rights and world peace, public philosopher, author, first woman (sic) to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
American entertainer whose highly publicized gender change in the 1950s first brought widespread mainstream attention to transgender issues.
Sexual revolutionary who defined LGBT as a cultural identity and founded the first enduring gay rights organization in the United States.
American artist and social activist whose distinctive outline figures express universal concepts of birth, sex, love and joy.
Renowned poet, leading figure of the Beat Generation of American writers and artists, champion of freedom of expression and sexual self-determination.
Nineteen tablets embedded in the sidewalk line each side of Castro Street between Market Street and 19th Street. Before 1776 The native Yelamu people live nearby in the village of Hutchuei, relocating each winter to the bayside village of Si…
Original Site NAMES Project, AIDS Memorial Quilt 1987
Influential author and journalist, the first openly gay reporter to cover LGBT issues for American mainstream media Randy Shilts
Physician, decathlete and founder of the Gay Games which created an international community of LGBT athletes and helped to shatter stereotypes of LGBT people worldwide Thomas F. Waddell
For 30 years (1933-1963) The Black Cat Café was at the heart of the City's Bohemian life - providing a welcoming saloon for artists, gay people and North Beach characters, often entertained by the operatic voice and bawdy humor of Jose Sarr…
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