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British cryptanalyst, logician, philosopher and mathematician widely recognized as a pioneer of artificial intelligence and the father of computer science Alan Turing
Irish dramatist, poet, novelist and essayist known for his biting wit, flamboyant dress, glittering conversation and enduring artistic achievements Oscar Wilde
Pioneer of modernist literature and feminist whose work explored the artistic, sexual and religious roles imposed upon women during her lifetime Virginia Woolf
Two-time Pulitzer prize winning dramatist whose powerful, timeless portraits of the human condition revolutionized American theatre and whose works are regularly revived Tennessee Williams
Multi-gold singer and songwriter known as the "Queen of Disco" and "a visionary of queerness, race and music"
Experimental American writer whose Paris salon brought together many of the artists and authors who would help define modernism in literature and art
Then-owner William Roth selected Ruth Asawa, well known for her abstract, wire-woven sculptures, to design and create the centerpiece fountain for Ghirardelli Square. Although it was unveiled among some controversy in 1968, Asawa's objective was t…
For the last 5,000 years this particular site served as a vantage point to the southeast, overlooking an ancient salt water bay fed by fresh water streams. Standing on this bluff three to four hundred years ago, looking southeast, you would have…
You are standing on section twelve of San Francisco's great seawall that was built between the years 1878 and 1924. Known as the Bulkhead, this continuous and massive embankment of stone was designed to hold back the bay, creating the curving line…
The Fremont Street Wharf angled 500 feet northeast into the bay from this place from 1869 to 1907. At that time the Alaska Packers; fleet of wooden and iron square rigged ships and barks loaded here, sailing 2,500 miles north to Alaska each spring…
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