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The courtyard in front of you is actually the remains of the Machine Shop. Note its walls and foundations that supported various machines. Can you find the "ghost" outline on the wall inside the doorway marking where the stairs once were? The C…
How do you park a locomotive in a Roundhouse? Use a Turntable! A hostler drove a locomotive onto the Turntable. An operator rotated the Turntable from a control box at one end of it, until the table aligned with a desired track running into the…
Lafayette McLawsMajor General Confederate States ArmyBorn Augusta Ga.January 15th, 1821. Died Savannah Ga.July 24th 1897.
National HistoricCivil Engineering Landmark City Plan of Savannah ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Presented 1978
The foreman gave assignments to the engineers, mechanics, and shop crews from his office. This office was built in 1926-1927 when the southern half of the Roundhouse was rebuilt to a larger size. The Foreman's Office occupied the first floor. T…
D Company, 10th Infantry Battalion, USMCRSavannah, Georgia1948-1950 Upon activation on 21 August 1950, 182 Savannah Marines answered their nation's call to duty during the Korean War.All of these Marines gave someFive gave allSemper Fidelis …
For most of the Revolutionary War, Savannah was an armed camp. With the approach of an allied French and American army in the fall of 1779, the British defenders of Savannah began improving and constructing a series of fourteen redoubts outside th…
During his visit to Savannah May 12-15 1791was a guest at the Inn which stoodon the northwest corner ofBarnard and State Streets. This tablet is placedin commemoration of thebi-centenary of his birth by theDaughters of the American Revolutionin…
S. S. James Oglethorpe launched on November 20, 1942, during World War II, the first of 88 Liberty Ships built by Southeastern Shipbuilding (approximately two miles downriver from here). Setting sail from New York in a convoy bound for Liverpool, …
A well-born NC planter, Lane was a sheriff, assemblymanand Lt. Col. in the militia.He held public offices during andafter the war includingState Senator and ConstitutionalCommission member.
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