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Martyrs' Grove. . What does it mean to be a Jesuit today? To commit yourself under the standard of the Cross to the crucial struggle of our time, the struggle for faith and the struggle for justice which that same faith demands. G. C. 32 Jua…
Inigo Becomes St. Ignatius - 1491-1556. μετσχvoισχ - metanoia - transformation. Teach me to serve you as you deserve; . to give and not count the cost; . Lord, teach me to be generous, . to fight and not…
Jacob and the Angel. By Arlene Love. And there was one that wrestled with him until daybreak.... He said, "Let me go, for day is breaking." But Jacob answered, "I will not let you go unless you bless me." He then asked, "What is your name?" "J…
St. Thomas College "Old Main" Cornerstone. . The original cornerstone laid by Bishop William G. O'Hara in 1888 marking the foundation of St. Thomas College which became the University of Scranton in 1938 —————&md…
Catherine Manley Coffey. . Dedicated to Catherine Manley '86 Coffey 1964-2002 "To love another person is to see the face of God." Les Miserables ———————————— Catherine …
The Honorable George W. Bush. . The Forty-Third President of the United States, Visited the University of Scranton on 16 January 2003 to greet the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania and to address the nation.. var plain…
This ten inch shell and bronze port cover recovered from the wreck of The Battleship Maine after having been submerged fourteen years in the waters of Havana harbor are here mounted as a memorial to the brave officers and seamen who lost t…
Dedicated to all Vietnam Veterans who fought and died during an unpopular war, God will be with them always because they came, they fought, they died, but they did not run.
Presented to City of Scranton, Lackawanna County on the 200th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution 1787-1987
With the vision of universal freedom for all mankind this tree is dedicated to Capt. Wesley Ratzel and all Prisoners of War and Missing in Action 1973
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