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This now quiet valley was once the site of the Gold-Rush Era town of Sucker Flat - and of the Blue Point and Blue Gravel Mines. These were two of the richest hydraulic mines in California. Which along with a number of other claims work the gold-be…
Originally a two story, L-shaped building. Mrs. Bridget Henderson ran it as a boarding house later selling to Mrs. Ellen Dewan, becoming the Dewan Hotel. Her son, Jim Dewan briefly ran Jim's Saloon along the side of the hotel. In 1935 Rex and Agne…
Named for James Smart, who built the first hotel in 1856. Smartville was referred in the US Federal land grant of 1878, as Smartsville. Due to ruling by the US Post Office Department, in 1909. The name was changed back the Smartville. It stayed th…
1855. Largest town in eastern Yuba County, and at height of its prosperity contained a church, theater, stores, hotels, and saloons. Old Wells Fargo Office and Stewart Bros.; Store restored, 1928, and dedicated to pioneer men and women of Timbuctoo.
William M. Thomas of Thomas and Post Consulting Engineers designed the 685-foot-long Parks Bar Bridge in 1912 for Yuba County. The original 16-foot-wide bridge with four 140-foot-long arch spans was constructed by the Portland Concrete Pile Compan…
Site of the first 3 story team & stage stop on the Henness Pass route to the Northern Mines & Comstock Lode. Built & operated by George & Veronica Schmidt served miners, travelers & teamsters.
Born Oct. 31, 1891.Killed in action in theArgonne, FranceOct. 5th, 1918 He died that othersmight live
Erected 1850, the original structure was destroyed by fire in 1870, and rebuilt in 1871 by the citizens of Smartsville on the original foundation. At one time this church served 800 parishioners, mostly Irish Catholics employed at the Smartsville …