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During the war of 1812, North Carolina Governor William Hawkins called up companies of militia from Brunswick, Bladen, New Hanover and Duplin counties for the coastal defense of the state against British invasion to serve at Fort Johnston in South…
Erected April 13th, 1938 by the National Society United States Daughters of 1812 of North Carolina Memorial to North Carolina Militia, stationed at Deepwater Point, about one mile northeast of Southport on the water front, several companies o…
Barbadian planter turned pirate made North Carolina his base, 1718. Captured in naval battle few miles east. Hanged in Charleston.
Original lighthouse was erected in 1794. Present tower, "Old Baldy," built in 1817. Used until 1935. Stands 3 miles south.
This ancient gnarled oak has been estimated to be more than 800 years old. Indians may have bent the young tree to mark the trail to their fishing grounds. The tree took root a second time, thus developing the unusual formation.
Named for Gov. Caswell. Begun by U.S. in 1826; seized by N.C. troops, 1861; abandoned by Confederates, 1865. Stands five miles southeast.
"Nor even this hour shall want its charm / For side-by-side still fondly we'll keep / And calmly in each others arms / Together linked go down the deep." —From the marker for Emeline L. Taylor and Major George Taylor who were swept from the …
Between the Civil War and the construction of the Panama Canal in 1904, local residents and investors desperately sought to surpass Wilmington by building a rail link to the Appalachian coal fields. Smithville would become the first refueling stop…
On February 27, 1904, ground was broken for the "new" jail. Contractor A.J. Robbins received the contract with a low bid of $6,738. Its construction is "a concrete foundation with brick walls, laid in 1:6 bond constructed with a six-course belt an…
January 1916. Founded in 1893, the Southport Volunteer Fire Department was officially organized with the election of officers and adoption of a constitution and by laws on 21 January, 1916. Authorized purchase of the city's first fire alarm bell w…