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Site for this public park was given to the town of Smithville, which was named in his honor, by Governor Benjamin Smith. His legacy provided that land in this square be used for educational, fraternal, religious and recreational purposes. Th gi…
Dedicated to the memory of Catalino Tingzon, interred in Northwood Cemetery, and all Merchant Marine seamen and U.S. Navy Armed Guard on the tanker S.S.John D. Gill torpedoed and sunk off Cape Fear by the German submarine U-158 March 12, 1942. The…
1915-1965, columnist and author. "The Old Man and the Boy," were youthful rememberances of his material grandfather, Captain Edward Atkins, in this house.
1915-1965. Columnist and author. His 1957 novel The Old Man and the Boy based on childhood visits with grandparents 1 block W.
Here on this small bluff overlooking the Cape Fear River, Joshua Potts in the year 1790 envisioned a town surrounding old Fort Johnston. "Braced up by the effects of the salubrious breeze, from the sea," Joshua Potts laid out the first hundred lot…
Last royal governor of North Carolina, 1771-75. Fearing capture, in June 1775 he sought refuge here. Fled offshore to HMS Cruizer in July.
Built, 1748-54; burned by Whigs, 1775; rebuilt by U.S. government, 1794-1809. Only the officers quarters remain.
Confederate Lifeline. On January 9, 1861, as secession fever swept the South, an armed body of civilians overwhelmed Fort Johnston's lone occupant, Ordinance Sgt. James Reilly, and demanded the keys. Reilly quickly surrendered them and received a …
This tablet was erected May, 1911 by the North Carolina Society of Colonial Dames of America to mark the site of Fort Johnston, the first fort in the Province of North Carolina, built under Act of Assembly of 1745 and completed 1764, and named in …
Erected during North Carolina's Tercentenary to Mrs. Jessie Stevens Taylor, 1879-1961. She loved her God, Country and fellow man. She served here as a Voluntary Weather Observer and Storm Warning Display Woman from 1900 to 1961.