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This property has beenplaced on the NationalRegister ofHistoric Places By the United StatesDepartment of the Interior Built 1927 ?♦? Restored 2000
In 1923 construction began on Soren Lund's "Million Dollar" Mediterranean Revival hotel. Prominent features were its clay-tiled roof, rough textured stucco, baroque-type arched entrance and sqraffito decorations. It encompassed the north half of t…
In 1526 Juan Ortiz, a member of the expedition sent from Cuba to find Panfilo De Narvaez, was captured by Timucan Indians. Chief Hirrihigua, their ruler, hated the white men because of the violence of Narvaez. Juan Ortiz was condemned to death but…
One fourth mile east from this point is the site of the first settlement in 1857 and the first Post Office in 1876 of St. Petersburg, then called Pinellas.
Oldest church in Pinellas County, it was organized April 20, 1887. It was constructed in the summer of 1887 by a handful of pioneers equipped with crude tools. Built of unturpentined pine, the church records indicate first building cost $673. Dr. …
Within a decade after the famous Wright Brothers' 1903 flight, aviation history was being made in Florida. The first transcontinental flight landed at Jacksonville in 1912, a naval air training center opened at Pensacola in 1913, and the St. Peter…
(Front plaque)From this siteThe St. Petersburg-TampaAirboat Line The World's FirstScheduled Airline Began regular flightsbetween St. Petersburgand Tampa, January 1, 1914. ⋆ This plaque and sitededicated December 4, 1953by theCity…
On January 1, 1914, the "aeroplane" was demonstrated as a viable means of commercial transportation with the inaugural flight of the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line, the world's first regularly scheduled commercial airline. Piloted by Tony H. Ja…
In commemoration of theWorld RecordFor 10 Miles45 Minutes 37 Seconds Set At This Location By Ondoro Osoroof Kenya at the InauguralSouthtrust Running Festival October 18, 1997St. Petersburg, Florida
Initially served by the Jesuits from Sacred Heart in Tampa, a small wood-frame chapel named "St. Mary" was built at the northwest corner of Sixth Street and Fifth Avenue South in 1908. By 1913, a new and larger brick church was constructed at Four…