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This section of the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail is located on the former right-of-way of the Belvidere Delaware Railroad, which was completed between Trenton and Phillipsburg in 1854. The original station building was initially ref…
Found here in 1956 near Raven Rock. Mining company formed by prospectors responding to the cold war craze was never commercially viable.
Of Madison Square Garden in NYC was reconstructed here in 1932. Its steeply banked sides provided a racing venue to local cyclists until its wood fell apart from exposure.
Stockton Borough School remains the oldest continously operating public school on its original site in New Jersey. In 1827, this property was set aside for the construction of a school house. The original school building, constructed in 1832, was …
Historical Significance Dug by hand, mostly by Irish immigrants, the 66 mile D & R Canal was completed in 1834. 75 feet wide and 8 feet deep, the canal originally had 14 locks to raise and lower boat traffic. The D & R Canal operated as an inla…
Power System in 1830At the time that construction started on the Delaware and Raritan Canal, the power system of the Prallsville Mills worked as follows: A dam across the Wickecheoke creek several hundred yards upstream of the mill site impound…
This is a simplified drawing of a grist mill in Washington, D.C., which is typical of most 19th century grist mills, including the Prallsville mill. The first grist mill to be built at this location is believed to have been a one-story log buil…
Co-Founder of Hunterdon Medical Center, leading agricultural pioneer, & with wife, Barbara, animportant patron of the arts.
So named as it lies about midway between Lambertville and Lumberville.This bridge is located at the site of a ferry operated about the year 1700 by Colonel John Reading who owned the land on the New Jersey side of the river. The ferry was later op…
Once known as Howell's Ferry.Linked to Pennsylvania by a ferry from the early 1700's. Bridge replaced the ferry circa 1813.