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Founded 1816,the first Methodist Churchin Hunterdon County.Building erected in 1860.Steeple removed in 1878after a severe storm
In Honor of those from Delaware Township who served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Erected by Sergeantsville Memorial Post 8390Veterans of Foreign Wars1992
In memory of those who lost their lives during construction of the Delaware & Raritan Canal.From 1830 to 1834, an army of ditch diggers, carpenters and masons - many of whom were Irish immigrants - built the canal. Large numbers perished during th…
This is the last public covered bridge in New Jersey. It was erected in 1872 on abutments dating back to colonial times. Damaged in 1960, the superstructure of this bridge was completely dismantled and removed to make way for a conventional span. …
Called Cross Keys Tavern from 1754 after William Rittenhouse's establishment. Became Rosemont 1848.
Founded in 1898. Building constructed the same year.Its Gothic Revival style is unique in Hunterdon County.
First church built in 1818. This building erected 1866. Early ministers served in Flemington on Sunday, here on weekdays.
Begun in 1832, canal follows Delaware River to Trenton then New Brunswick. Built by Irish immigrants, canal fell into disuse with advent of railroads in 1850.
The Belvidere-Delaware Railroad c.1852. Later leased to the Penn R.R. System, the line allowed transit of Lehigh & Hudson R.R. passenger trains.
Centre BridgeThe Center Bridge Company was incorporated to construct a toll bridge across the Delaware River here in 1812, completely reconstructed in 1830, and substantially repaired in 1841 after a damaging flood. The bridge, a covered timber st…