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Captain John Smith explored the Chesapeake Bay in the early 1600s seeking precious metals and a passage to Asia. He traveled the James, Chickahominy, and York rivers in 1607, and led two major expeditions from Jamestown in 1608. Smith and his crew…
The Huntersville School was built in 1930-31 as a Rosenwald School. The Julius Rosenwald fund provided $1,000 toward the construction, with contributions from African Americans and the local government provided the rest of its $7,000 cost. Rosenwa…
Surveyed by George Washington in 1763. A cart road was built first along this 4½ mile ditch and the canal dug alongside by slave labor for transportation. Gresham Nimmo, under the personal direction of George Washington, did the surveying and…
Washington and company used this spot as their Dismal Swamp headquarters. The town was built prior to the Nimmo survey of 1763 on Riddick 402 acre patent.
Jericho Ditch, 9 miles long was dug by slave labor in early 1800's to enable the dismal swamp land company to remove the timber, to drain lowland and provide access to Lake Drummond.
The site of the first Church erected in Suffolk, 1753 To the memory of the men of Nansemond County whose love of God and Country helped to found this Commonwealth
Here stood the Nansemond Collegiate Institute, founded in 1890 as the Nansemond Industrial Institute by Rev. William W. Gaines to provide local black children with an education, because free public schools were closed to them. Eventually the insti…
Between 1926 and 1927, African Americans raised $3,300 toward the East Suffolk School, which opened with T.J. Johnson as principal. In addition to public money, the Julius Rosenwald Fund also provided $1,500 to assist the effort. Rosenwald, presid…
Here stood the Colonial Suffolk Church, a large, cross-shaped, brick building, erected in 1753 as the second parish church of Upper Parish, Nansemond County, and the first house of worship in the town of Suffolk. It survived the burning of Suffolk…
A community developed here in the 1720s around John Constant's wharf, dwelling, and tobacco warehouse. The Virginia House of Burgesses chartered the town of Suffolk in 1742. It was incorporated as a town in 1808 and as a city in 1910; in 1974 it m…