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(Obverse)New Kent CountyArea 191 Square MilesFormed in 1654 from York, and named for an English county. The White House, where Washington's wife lived, was in this county, and here he married her. (Reverse)James City CountyArea 164 Square Miles…
Two miles south is the site of the colonial Chickahominy Church, now destroyed. Lafayette's forces camped there, July 6-8, 1781. The church was used as a hospital after the battle of Green Spring, July 6, 1781.
This was a station on the Old Stage Road between Williamsburg and Richmond, before 1860.
By the 1720s, several taverns stood on New Kent Road (also called the Old Stage Road) between Williamsburg and New Kent Court House. During two wars, the road served opposing armies as well as travelers. In June 1781, near the end of the Revolutio…
Hickory Neck Church was built about 1740. Militia opposing the British camped here on April 21, 1781. A few miles north is the foundation of an ancient stone house, dating possibly from about 1650.
First called John Lewis's Ordinary and then Fox's, Burnt Ordinary received its name in Jan. 1780 when, according to the Virginia Gazette, Fox's Ordinary burned to the ground. Later, in Oct. 1781, when the French army's wagon train passed by, Alexa…
On this road five miles west was the State shipyard on Chickahominy River, burned by the British General Phillips on April 21-22, 1781.