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Buried here are the remains of Tom McLaury, Frank McLaury, Billy Clanton - killed in Earp Clanton battle Oct 26, 1881. Dan Dowd, Red Sample, Bill DeLancy, Dan Kelly: Tex Howard hanged legally by Sheriff Ward for Bisbee massacre Mar 1884, John H…
Virgil Earp was ambushed here and crippled for life as an aftermath of the OK battle-Dec 28, 1881
Curly Bill Brocius killed Marshal Fred White here on October 28th, 1880.
In 1934, Robert Ripleydeclares the Rose Bushthe World's Largest in theNewpaper column"Believe it or Not".The fire of May 26th, 1882, destroyed the dwellings located here. In 1885, Mrs. Amelia Adamson built the Cochise House Hotel. That same year, …
The devastating fires of 1881 and 1882 brought major changes to the Tombstone Fire Department. A new fire station was completed in 1881, a new Rescue Hook and Ladder Co. was formed, and a new water source was obtained. Thirty six miles of fifteen …
The railroad reached Tucson in March of 1880. Richard Grid had a railroad spike crafted of solid silver from the Toughnut Mine. It was presented to the President of the Southern Pacific Railroad as an inducement to bring a railroad spur to Tombsto…
M. Calisher was a California company that opened a store in Tombstone in 1879. They sold general merchandise as well as lumber. Eighteen year old David Calisher managed the store. He was a member of a grand jury that indicted William Claiborne for…
This structure has beenrecorded by theHistoric AmericanBuildings Surveyof the United Stated Departmentof the Interior for itsarchives at the Library of Congress.
The Oriental Saloon was opened in 1880 by Milton Joyce with the gaming concessions run by Lou Rickenbaugh. The Epitaph News described it as "the most elegantly furnished saloon this side of the Golden Gate". Wyatt Earp bought a share of the gaming…
On December 28th of 1881 while crossing 5th St., Virgil Earp was ambushed and shot. Would be assassins hidden in a new building under construction opened fire with shotguns. Virgil was severely wounded. He survived, but lost the use of his left ar…