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The Sanhickans were a band of the Algonquian-speaking Lenape that occupied the Middle Delaware valley at the time of European contact in the 17th century. The Lenape territory ranged from the Atlantic coastline inland up into the Delaware, Raritan…
(see the individual stones photographed below)
Mrs. Ford has dedicated more than 40 years of her life to serving the people in her community, especially the youth of Chambersburg, through her involvement in various groups and organizations. No one exemplifies this commitment to the community m…
The Trenton Business College was founded on October 1, 1865 at the corner of Broad and Front Streets. After several relocations, the college constructed this building and occupied it on January 1, 1921. On February 4, 1921, the institution was rei…
In memory ofGeorge Washington BicentennialMt. Vernon White Oak-? -Planted byThe Society of Daughters of Colonial Wars in the State of New JerseyMarch 16, 1932
(Original Marker):Washingtonfirst took command of theAmerican Army under thegrandparent of this elmat Cambridge, Mass.July 3, 1775.Raised and presented by Maryland D.A.R. Marked by New Jersey D.A.R.This tree is planted as part of the 200th anniver…
The Community Theaterof the City of TrentonThis plaque presentedin memory ofEmma Jane Stockton
(On the back of the pedestal):This statue which was carved in Italy, and was first exhibited at the Centennial Exposition was purchased and presented to the city by the Mayor, the Common Council and other officials of the City of Trenton, in the y…
(On the Rededication Marker):Restored and rededicated by the people of New Jersey in honor of all those from this state who served with courage, dignity, and patriotism in the armed forces of the United States of AmericaOur land is dearer for thei…
Warren Street PlazaDedicated 2004-Mayor-Honorable Douglas H. Palmer-City Council-Paul M. Pintella, PresidentAnnette H. Lartigue, Vice PresidentMilford BetheaGino A. MeloneManuel SeguraCordelia M. StatonJohn G. Ungrady-Landscape Architect-Randall R…
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