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Commanding Second District Vicksburg May 4 - July 4, 1863 U.S. Military Academy 1848 - 1852 1st Lieut. 10th Inf. U.S.A. August 25, 1855 Commanding Pioneer Corps with General Albert Sidney Johnson in Utah Campaign 1857 Instruc…
One piece of artillery, kind and caliber unknown, was served in this work from May 18 to the end of the defense, July 4, 1863, by a detachment of either Sengstak's, Tobin's, Landis; or Wall's battery.
Maj. Maurice Maloney. A detachment of the regiment, under Capt. E.D. Phillips, served one 30-pounder Parrott rifle in this position from May 21 to the end of the siege, July 4, 1863.
Capt. J.Q. Wall. Part of the company served pieces, number, kind and caliber unknown, on the line of Moore's Brigade in undetermined positions from May 18 to the end of the defense, July 4,1863. A detachment probably served one Whitworth Rifle…
Engaged defense May 18-July 4 Casualties: Killed 12, Wounded 38, Total 50 Major R.B. Campbell killed
Capt. J.J. Cowan. The company was engaged in the Battle of Champion's Hill, May 16, attached to Loring's Division; casualties, wounded 2. At the close of that battle it fell back with the army to Vicksburg most of the enlisted men were armed …
Capt. H.H. Sengstak. The battery served two 6-pounder guns, one 3-inch rifle and one 24-pounder howitzer on the line of Moore's Brigade in undetermined positions from May 18 to the end of the defense, July 4, 1863. Casualties in battery durin…
Engaged Champion's Hill May 16 Defense May 18-July 4 (Detachment) Casualties · Wounded 2
Capt. S.J. Ridley; Lieut. Charles E. Hooker; Lieut. P.B. Lancaster. One section of the company served two 6-pounder guns in this position, Cox House battery, from May 18 to the end of the defense, July 4, 1863.
Stevenson's Division, Maj. Gen. C. L. Stevenson. Maury's-Forney's Division, {Maj. Gen. Dabney H. Maury; {Maj Gen. John H. Forney. Smith's Division, Maj. Gen. M. L. Smith. Forney's-Bowen's Division, {Maj. Gen. John H. Forney; {Maj. Gen. Joh…
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