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On the ridge west of Waynesboro occurred the last engagement of Confederate forces commanded by Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early. Portions of Maj.Gen. Philip H. Sheridan's army, including cavalry led by Maj.Gen.George A. Custer attacked and routed Confeder…
Settlers began to arrive to present day Augusta County in the 1730s and by the Revolutionary War a small hamlet existed here. By 1797, it was known as Waynesborough, for Revolutionary War hero Brig. Gen. Anthony Wayne. It became a town in 1801 and…
Virginia Metalcrafters had its first beginnings with the founding of the Waynesboro Stove Company in 1890 by William J. Loth. The company, which made ornately cast cookstoves, heaters and all accoutrements for kitchens of the period, later develop…