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When the Roanoke Navigation Canal opened in 1824, the terminus at "Welden's Orchard" soon replaced Halifax as the region's commercial trading hub. The shallow-draft batteau coming downstream transferred their goods to larger commercial vessels …
The Myth of Rocky the Giant RockfishWhile doing research on the historic Weldon fish hatchery, I cam across a fishing story that was so unbelievable that I felt I had to share it with others. It starts on a crisp March morning 1904, with a slight …
Canal and locks around river rapids completed 1834 by Roanoke Navigation Company. Highway crosses route of canal at this point.
Located on the Roanoke River, the town of Weldon was one of the South's major transportation hubs at the beginning of the Civil War. By 1861, the town served as an important stop for steamboats and canal boats, and it was the junction of the Wilmi…
U.S. Congressman, 1871-1873, representing Ala.; merchant and farmer in Selma, Ala. Born into slavery one mile south.
Longest railroad in the world when completed in 1840. Length 161 1/2 mi. Terminus was nearby.