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Across the small foot bridge and up the trail is the entrance to a 16-acre remnant of a tallgrass prairie. It is dedicated to Dr. Boyd, who was a biology professor at Baker University, 1941-1982. Dr. Boyd was instrumental in getting the county to …
This replica of a 19th century log cabin was constructed in the fall of 1969 and dedicated in January of 1971. The cabin was constructed for the benefit of the Santa Fe Trail Historical Society for meetings and to display historical artifacts. Con…
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(Main marker):South of this park are 18 acres of virgin prairie. Purchased 1967 by Douglas County from Russell Hays for a permanent prairie preserve and historic site. Evidence of Santa Fe Trail plainly visible. Original site of D.A.R, marker was …
This "battle" was part of the struggle to make Kansas a free state. In May, 1856, Proslavery men destroyed buildings and newspaper presses in Lawrence, Free-State headquarters. John Brown's company then killed five Proslavery men on Pottawatomie C…
(Left marker):The Battle of Black Jack"Civil War in Kansas!""Let not the knives of pro-slavery men be sheathed while there is one abolitionist in the Territory."Squatter, Sovereign, proslavery newspaper in Atchison, Kansas Territory, June 10, 1856…
(Main Marker):First Battle between Free and Slave States fought on these grounds June 2, 1856 (Secondary Marker):Deeded to Kansas 1917