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Mina Miller Edison was not content simply to be the wife of America's most famous inventor. As a devout Methodist, she firmly believed that each individual possesses the power to make positive change in their community. Her passion for gardening l…
Built by Tho's Edison and operated with several cars at Menlo Park, N. J. in 1881.
Built by Tho's A. Edison and operated with freight and passenger cars over three miles of Railroad at Menlo Park, N.J. in 1882
A Blacksmith Shop has been a feature of the West Orange laboratory complex since it was built in 1887. The first shop was located in the back of Building 4. It moved to an unknown location in 1900 and burned down in 1911. The current Blacksmith Sh…
FromThe first concrete highwayin New JerseyBuilt in 1912 by theState Highway Department
1 ParkwayWest Orange, New Jersey Designated anHistoric Landmarkby theWest Orange HistoricPreservation Commission
The truck of the second commercial electric railroad locomotive, built by Tho's. A. Edison and operated with freight and passenger cars over three miles of railroad at Menlo Park, N.J. in 1882.
The Invention Factory In the fall of 1887, Thomas Edison moved into his new laboratory complex in the town of West Orange, N.J. For the next 44 years Edison directed teams of research assistants in his "Invention Factory" and created a model fo…
This building is a replica of theoriginal "Black Maria", the world'sfirst motion picture studio.————————-Dedicated to the memory ofThomas Alva Edisonthe founder of themotion picture industry.Septembe…
Metals were vital to Thomas Edison - from iron, copper, and various alloys used in new inventions to gold for plating phonograph record molds. Here in the metallurgical laboratory, workers collected, assayed, and evaluated the metals used for Edis…