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Vickers Merchantman (Vanguard), 1969 Cruising Speed 435 mph (684.000Km) at 20000 Ft. (6.096km) This is the only surviving example of the 44 Vickers Vanguard airliners produced. The Vanguard was conceived as a replacement for the Viscount for…
A.V Roe From this area, on various dates in 1907-8, A.V Roe made a series of towing flights and flight trials with an aircraft of his own design and construction, powered, in the later trials, by an 18/24 h.p. Antoinette engine. These trials were…
To the Memory of a Great Sportsman And Brilliant Driver Sir Henry Birkin Bt. Who died on June 22 1933 from injuries after his last road race at Tripoli. Here, on the scene of his many victories this bronze was erected by members of the British …