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Underground Railroad Station In this house slaves were concealed on their way to Canada by Com. Griffith M. Cooper
Indian Trail This road, second in town was indian trail, later Canandaigua-Pultneyville post road, built of plank. Here stood toll gate.
Site of Union Church Erected 1825. Open for use of any denomination, dedicated to tolerance and promotion of good order and religion.
On June 21, 1867, The Pultneyville lyceum staged its first entertainment in this building. Under the supervision of Prof. Lewis H. Clark 22 men and women of this village "Acquitted themselves with great credit." The money raised from the productio…
Battle of NervesThe Battle of Pultneyville was a skirmish between British forces under Commander Yeo and American Militia forces. The British periodically raided coastal communities for supplies, but the people of Pultneyville did not surrender th…
From the nearby ravine,the militia and volunteers hastily gathered under General Swift, bravely defended the northern frontier, their kindred and homes, from the attack of the British at Pultneyville, May 15, 1814
From 1687 French Batteaux men stopped here to trade with Indians. First settler "Yankee Bill" Waters, a hunter lived here 1804.
Built 1807 by Major William Rogers. Used for tavern, store, and post office. Settlement was called Rogers Corners
Many points of interest are located near Palmyra that take visitors back to a way of life from the past, introduce them to early American industries, present theatrical productions and the beginnings of the Mormon religion. Joseph Smith, Sr. H…
Lost in a StormThe St. Peter left Oswego carrying a full load of coal, headed for the safety of the Welland Canal when a storm struck her with 70 mph winds. Unable to reach the canal, the ship was turned back east to run before the wind, but the c…