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Achievement Award
In memory of those who gave their lives in the Armed Forces Erected by American War Mothers [?] 19, 1944
Given by J. Roman Way 1848 - 1935 to the City of Williamsport - 1913 - Erected in Grateful Recognition
Designated as a tribute to Dr. Randall F. Hipple for his commitment to the City of Williamsport and its heritage. During his 34 consecutive years of service (1972-2005) as a member of Williamsport City Council, he strongly advocated for …
Erected by the People of Lycoming Co. under the auspices of The Grand Army of the Republic to the memory of Their Heroic Dead who Fell in Defence of the Union 1861 to 1865 —————————…
Essayist, teacher, and author, her work, The Curse of Caste, is considered to be among the first published novels by an African American woman. In 1865, it was serialized in the African Methodist Episcopal Christian Recorder, a publication with na…
Daniel Hughes, a lumber raftsman on the Susquehanna, lived here, 1854-80. In the years ending with the Civil War, he brought fugitive slaves here from Maryland, protecting them before they continued north via the Underground Railroad. Hughes gave …
Laid out 1795 by Michael Ross. Incorporated as a borough 1806; as a city 1866. At one time a leading lumber center of the nation. Trade and travel for over a century.
During its 85 years, 1886-1971, this unique family-owned firm produced thousands of high-quality wood-veneer doors for the U.S. Capitol, the White House, and other public and private buildings across the nation. Using Pennsylvania hardwoods and ma…
Owner, lumber mills, and president, Susquehanna Boom. A key player in making this city the "lumber capital of the world." He invented the "herdic," a rear-entry carriage, and erected many buildings here on Millionaire's Row. His 1854 home is No. 407.