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Built 1926. Long noted as Pennsylvania's oldest operating minor league baseball park and the nation's second oldest. The first professional game here was played April 27, 1926, between the Williamsport Grays and the Negro league Harrisburg Giants.…
German-born publisher of the Sunday Grit, for many years a national "family newspaper." He founded it in 1882; this site was its home after 1889. He built Grit on a "good news" concept, an appeal to rural tastes, and a nationwide network of young …
Formed April 13, 1795 out of Northumberland County. The name (from a Delaware Indian word) honors Lycoming Creek. Williamsport, the County Seat, became a borough , 1806, and a city, 1866. Once a great lumbering center. Birthplace of Little League …
Founder of Little League Baseball and Commissioner through 1955. Stotz developed the Little League idea in 1938; in the next year three teams played 24 games. It was at this site that Stotz established field distances for the pre-teenage players. …
Built in 1792-96 by land agent Charles Williamson to open the Genesee lands in N.Y. From Trout Run, it cut through the wilderness to Lawrenceville by the same general route as the present highway.