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His Appeal, influential 1829 pamphlet, denounced slavery. A free black, he grew up in Wilmington; moved to Boston by 1825.
This plaque is presented to the Wilmington Light Infantry which served with distinction in: The Civil War, The Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. This plaque is to be prominently displayed on the Washington Light Infantry Ar…
(front)1861-1865To the soldiers ofthe Confederacy Confederates blend your recollectionsLet memory weave its bright reflectionsLet love revive life's ashen embersFor love is life since love remembers PRO ARIS ET FOCIS This monument is a le…
(west face)George DavisSenator and Attorney Generalof the Confederate States of America1820-1896 (south face)ScholarPatriotStatesmanChristian (east face)His wisdom illustrated theprinciples of law and equity.His eloquence commandedthe admira…
Here, in the earthworks in front of you, Confederate Gen. Robert F. Hoke's troops made a stand on February 20-21, 1865. They were attempting to halt the Union army's advance on Wilmington, the Confederacy's principal seaport. Blockade runners, tog…
On the west side of the rivera little south of the causewaywas Berry's Shipyard, where theConfederate ironclad North Carolinawas built in 1862 for the protectionof the port. The ironclad Raleighwas constructed at Cassidy's Shipyard,near the foot o…
Many Confederate naval vessels, including the ironclad "North Carolina," built here. Site lies across river on Eagles Island, ? mile west.
Confederate shipyard and outfitting station which completed the ironclad steam sloop Raleigh in 1863. Site is three blocks west.
United States Senator, Confederate Attorney General, Secretary of War, & of State, later lawyer in England. His early home was here.
Major general in the Confederate Army, lieut. colonel in Mexican War, general in Egyptian Army, 1870-79. His birthplace was 1 bl. W.