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Captain Wm. Clark, of the Lewis & Clark Expedition stopped here July 25, 1806 on his way down the Yellowstone. He wrote in his journal that the rock which he named Pompey's Tower, was: "200 feet high and 400 paces in secumpherance and only ac…
In June, 1873, a Northern Pacific Railroad surveying party escorted by 1,500 soldiers, including the 7th Cavalry under the command of George Armstrong Custer, and 325 civilians, left Dakota Territory for the Yellowstone Valley to survey a route fo…
Called Iishiia Anaache or "Place Where the Mountain Lion Dwells" by the Apsaalooka (Crow) people, Pompey's Pillar was a well-known landmark to the Plains Indians. It was here, at a strategic natural crossing of the Yellowstone, or Elk River as it …