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The first court house of York County was erected in Centre Square, York, Pa. 1754-1756. The second court house was built on this site 1838-1840 and was remodeled and enlarged 1898-1900.John W. Bittenger, P.J.W.F. Bay Stewart, J.Commissioners, Robe…
On this site stood the house of Archibald McClean; surveyor for the Penns, county officer, and ardent patriot. Traditionally the Treasury of U.S., 1777-1778, while York was national capital.
In memory of the York County soldiers and sailors of the late War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865.
York, Pennsylvania. Since 1741, when the town of York was founded, Penn Common has been used as an area for public gatherings. In 1816, the Common was deeded to the Borough of York by the heirs of William Penn, to be kept as a "public Common forev…
Here, at a nursery located on Springwood Farms, a new variety of apple was propagated by Jonathan Jessop in 1820. In 1855 it was named the "York Imperial." It became a leading variety which was widely grown in the U.S.
Here lived an ex-slave born 1805, who became a prominent York businessman, 1824-1863. Tanner, newspaper distributor, barber. Erected York's first five-story building. His 13 rail cars operated commercially and were used in his work for the Undergr…
The "Father of World Weightlifting" & founder of the York Barbell Club was the U.S. Olympic weightlifting coach, 1948-64; also actively promoted the sports of powerlifting & bodybuilding. Served as an official advisor on youth physical fitness for…
June 28, 1863, Confederate Gen. Gordon's brigade of Early's division followed this rout through York to Wrightsville. Early's main force remained here until June 30, when it left to rejoin Lee's Army.
Born and raised here, he rose to the rank of Four Star General, 1945. the Army's youngest Brig. Gen. In 1940; he became commander of European operations in World War II and had a key role in the liberation of France, 1944. Buried, Arlington Nation…
One of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence; died in June, 1778, while attending Continental Congress as delegate from New York. His grave is about 300 feet west of here.