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In honor of the men and women of Tangier Island who have faithfully served their country.
In honor of the men and women of Tangier Island who faithfully served their country in World Wars I and II World War I *Crockett, William L. *Crockett, Tubman World War II *Charnock, Ray H. *Crockett, Charles A. Jr. *Crockett, George W.…
In honor of the men and women of Tangier Island who have served their country faithfully since World War II
The Doctor's Bungalow was built in 1961 by Grover Charmock. In 1964, Oscar Watson, Jr., MD moved in. It is thought to be the first house on Tangier to have two bathrooms.
The John Thomas House marks the dividing line between the old Thomas and Wallace family lands. At the end of the 19th century, these two families owned almost all of the land on the western side of the island.
John Wallace (1855-1926) moved to Tangier in the 1870's. The J.E. Wallace & Co. Store was on the corner of Wallace Road and West Ridge, facing Wallace Road. It sold groceries, general merchandise, and coffins, as Wallace also worked as an undertak…
The Sydney Wallace House is one of the Island's most admired. Built in 1904 and restored in 1995 by Wallace's grandson, it now operates as the Bay View Inn. (caption) Sydney Wallace House - National Geographic, 1973
The Emily Pruitt House was home to the island's sail-making seamstress, a critically important job before the invention of motorized boats.
The Amanda Wallace Pruitt House was also the home of Reverend James C. Richardson after his resignation from the Methodist church. He founded the New Testament Church, which met here from 1948-1956. Services were held in the living room and Sun…
The Joshua Thomas House is long gone, replaced by the modern, chalet style house at the end of the lane. Joshua Thomas, the renowned "Parson of the Islands," lived here from 1799 until about 1825. The Tangier Town Hall is a former US Navy Spott…