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1830: July 18-December 30- The Blessed Virgin Mary appears to St. Catherine Lebouré, Daughter of Charity, in Paris, France1830: July 27 Revolution - Louis Philippe overthrows King Charles X of France1832: - First Miraculous Medals produced …
S.E. 1 mile is site of Old Jersey Settlement mow known as Kingston. Here settlers from New Jersey organized first Protestant church in Mississippi with Samuel Swayze as pastor.
Erected, 1968, by Descendants of the New Jersey Settlers Organization (formed 1940) in memory of settlers of 1772 & their descendants who rest in Caleb King & Daniel Farrar Cemetery, Kingston Plantation.
Axel Voss spoke little english when he emigrated in 12925 from Copenhagen, Denmark. He worked as a mechanic for Chris Anderson and John T. Belt, who founded A-B Motor Company in a backyard garage at 114 St. Catherine.The first Voss business ventur…
Home and grave of William Dunbar (1749-1810), Scot settler who surveyed the boundary line between the USA and Spain-1798 and led 1st exploration of LA Purchase 1804. World-famed scientist and inventor in Miss. Territory.
An early American feminist writer and champion of women's rights, Murray (1751-1820) was also instrumental in fostering the Universalist Church in America. Murray lived for two years at Oak Point Plantation on this site. She died on July 6, 1820, …
An outstanding example of Colonial Revival architecture, Ravennaside, built 1902, was the home of Roane Fleming Byrnes (1890-1970) and headquarters for her efforts in the creation and development of the Natchez Trace Parkway, the 444-mile National…
Erected, 1965, by Descendants of the New Jersey Settlers Organization (formed 1940) in memory of settlers of 1772, including Captain Amos Ogden. The Swayzes, Thorns & others now rest in the Kingston Cemetery
First Catholic church in the Mississippi valley with entire congregation of Afro-American descent. Its school has been continually educating youth since 1890.
Explored, 1540-1, by De Soto. Colonized first by French, 1699. Became a colony of British, 1763; Spanish, 1779. Territory organized by U.S., 1798. Became 20th. state, 1817.
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