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Near this site stood Samuel Gettys' tavern, at which on June 24, 1775 most of Captain Michael Doudel's company of riflemen was enlisted, from the Marsh Creek settlement, in prompt response to the call of the Continental Congress for volunteers. T…
Built circa 1842, this house, the last remaining building of the C.W. HOFFMAN carriage-making complex, is linked to one of the most famous anecdotes of the Battle. For here worked Wesley Culp, a native of Gettysburg who moved south as a Confederat…
In memory 18th Miss. Inf. 1861-1865
President Lincoln passed by this tree on November 19, 1863
This wall was built for defense July 3rd P.M., 1863
This stone was broken by gun fire during the Battle of Gettysburg
In memory of the citizens of Gettysburg who suffered much during and after those dreadful three days in July 1863.
The cemetery archway ahead is shown behind the guns in this wartime engraving.
This hallowed ground witnessed a furious struggle in a climactic moment on July 2, 1863, during the Battle of Gettysburg. Confederate forces attacked and briefly broke the Union line here. After a fierce struggle, the Confederates were forced to r…
Civil War Hospital Isaac Miller Farm Stuart's Cavalry Division July 3, 1863
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