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In the late nineteenth century, Croatian immigrants fled economic hardship and settled in Allegheny City (now Pittsburgh's North Side). The Croatian immigrants were predominantly peasants living in a region comprised of one faith, one nationality,…
The first Croatian Catholic parish in America was established in 1894. The 1901 church was a center for spiritual and social Croatian culture. Croatian immigrants fled religious, economic, and political oppression to pursue new lives in Pittsburgh…
Near this site in the 1850s Samuel Kier constructed a cast-iron distillation unit for refining crude oil. Kier's one-barrel still produced kerosene, a clean burning lamp fuel. Later, Kier built a five-barrel still and invented a lamp that minimize…
To The Memory of Jane Grey Swisshelm 1815-1884 Pittsburgh's first newspaper woman secured passage of state law April 11, 1848 enabling married women to hold and sell property A woman of great moral courage and love for humanity, A friend of t…
Gulf Building 1930-1932 Trowbridge & Livingston, Archs.
The Pennsylvania Canal across Pennsylvania was an engineering triumph with a spectacular 37-mile railroad portage over the Allegheny Mountains. For half a century between 1820 and the Civil War, packet boats pulled by mules navigated through the c…
Schenley Park Founded 1889
Hampton Battery
Timber Court was built in 1880 as a lumber mill. Many of the houses constructed in Old Allegheny on the North Side of Pittsburgh used lumber milled at Timber Court. In 1983, WTW Architects designed the transformation of Timber Court into an off…
St. Mary's Ukrainian Orthodox Church 1922 Carlton Strong, architect
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