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EP Brigham was an entrepreneur in Iola in the late 1800s. He owned various businesses throughout Iola that sold anything from hay, to hardware, to groceries, to china. Brigham started his first business as a fresh butcher where he sold quail that …
[Top photo caption reads] East Side Cafe became Harts Lunch by the 1940s and was a local teenage hangout. Both restaurants were a favorite for homemade hamburgers and pies. [Bottom photo caption reads] Originally, this building had a carriage s…
Iola Colborn was the wife of Josiah Colborn, one of the founders of Iola. During a town meeting, a nomination was made to name the town after her. Mr. and Mrs. Colborn owned land from the town square to the river. Iola gave birth to the first chil…
[Top photo caption reads] Looking west on Madison Avenue, you can see the street trolley cars and the horse and buggies. The architecture of the buildings remains the same 110 years later. [Bottom photo caption reads] The Iola State Bank buildi…
First Pastor Poplar Grove Baptist Church
1917 - 1918The American Legion In memory of those whose final resting placeis known to God alone U.S. ArmyJames E. Cook 1944 · Rex L. Johnson 1944A. W. Redding Jr. 1943 · Joseph H. Wood 1942 U.S. NavyHoward N. Belvoir 1942 &…
In memory ofOur Fallen Comrades May 30, 1893
Memorial toVeterans of All Wars In Memory ofVicksburg Post No. 72Grand Army of the Republic1861 - 1865Lawton Circle No. 97Ladies of the G.A.R.
In Mid-March, 1856, the first emigrants of the Vegetarian Settlement Company set out for the Neosho River Valley in Kansas Territory. Henry S. Clubb promoted Kans. Terr. as a permanent home for believers in Vegetarianism, hydropahty, and abstinenc…
On November 6, 1887, Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Walter Perry Johnson was born on this farm site. In 1901, he moved with his family into the town of Humboldt. During a career with the Washington Senators from 1907 to 1927, he became famous for h…