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Near this site General Lee crossed the Appomattox River and proceeded up the hill to the McLean House where he met General Grant to draft the terms of surrender.April 9, 1865.
Here on Sunday April 9, 1865, after four years of heroic struggle in defense of principles believed fundamental to the existence of our government, Lee surrendered 9000 men, the remnant of an army still unconquered in spirit.
The depression before you is the trace of the old Richmond-Lynchburg Stage Road. Gen. Robert E. Lee rode this route both to and from his meeting with Grant on April 9, 1865. His return to the army - as he passed towards his headquarters atop the r…
Buried here are nineteen men (out of perhaps 100) killed during the last two days of war in Virginia. These men were at first buried where they died - at hospitals or in farm fields and woodlots around Appomattox Court House. But in 1866, the Ladi…
Built in 1819, this was the first building in what would become the village of Appomattox Court House. The Clover Hill Tavern served travelers along the Richmond-Lynchburg Stage Road. For several decades, it offered the village's only restaurant, …
Here are buried eighteen Confederate soldiers who dies April 8 and 9, 1865 in the closing days of the War Between the States. The remains of one unknown Union soldier found some years after the war are interned beside the Confederate dead. About 5…
The road trace in front of you is the remnant of the Richmond-Lynchburg Stage Road - on April 9, 1865, the most important road in Virginia to Robert E. Lee. Along this road he planned to escape west, hoping eventually to turn south and join Joe Jo…
The last Federal battery taken by the Confederates was captured by the North Carolina cavalry brigade of Brig. Gen. W.P. Roberts at this place.
"It seems to me every one was more scared than ever, from the fact that we knew the war was nearly over, and we did not want to be killed at the end of the war."Private John L. Smith, 118th Pennsylvania Late on the morning of April 9, 1865, the…
On April 12, 1865, Union Brig. Gen. Joshua Chamberlain watched the distant ridge as the Confederates prepared for the surrender. They formed into column, marched into the valley, then up the Richmond-Lynchburg Stage Road toward the village. As the…