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Emancipation DayOn New Years Day 1863 this plantation owned by John Joyner Smith was the scene of elaborate ceremonies celebrating the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation. Hundreds of freedman and woman came from Port Royal, Beaufort and th…
[front text] One of the first schools for blacks in the South, Penn School, was reorganized as Penn Normal, Industrial and Agricultural School in 1901. As a result of this change, incorporating principals of education found at both Tuskegee and Ha…
Has Been Designated A National Historic Landmark This site possesses National significancein commemorating the history of theUnited States of America 2001 National Park ServiceUnited States Department of the Interior
(Tablet One)The Governor of the Commonwealth ofMassachusetts Michael S. Dukakis, anddescendant's of the African-American CivilWar Volunteers of the 54th and 55th InfantryRegiments and the 5th Cavalry Regiment ofMassachusetts, accompanied by distin…
Born a slave in 1839, Robert Smalls lived to serve as a Congressman of the United States. In 1862 he commandeered and delivered to Union forces the Confederate gunboat Planter, on which he was a crewman. His career as a freedman included service a…
The National Register Of Historic Places Church of the Cross South Carolina Department of Archives and History
To St. Helena's Church, Beaufort, S.C. Built about 1740. Made a separate church after the revolution. Burned by forest fire Feb. 22, 1886.
This sanctuary, built 1824 as St. Luke'sEpiscopal Church, housed an active Episcopal congregation until just beforethe Civil War. It was sold to the trustees of St. Luke's MethodistChurch in 1875 and served that congregation since. St. Luke'sis li…
John Mark Verdier1759-1826Builder Of This House1795-1800General Lafayette Spoke To The PeopleOf Beaufort From This PorticoMarch 18, 1825
Second oldest town in South Carolina,Authorized by the Lords Proprietors,December 20, 1710,Chartered January 17, 1711,Laid out prior to February 16, 1717, Incorporated by the state,December 17, 1808
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