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This monument was erected in 1887 to honor Daniel Leasure, who was an American Soldier that served in the Union Army as a Colonel and Brigade Commander during the American Civil War. Mr. Leasure attended Greersburg Academy across the street from h…
As Lewis wrote in his journal, "The Perogue was loaded as his (has) been my practice since I left Pittsburgh....an hour after we had got under way....found she had sprung a leek and had nearly filled; as her load consisting of articles of hard-war…
Revolution Veterans War of 1812 Civil War Spanish American War WWI WWII Korea Vietnam Gulf War Peace Time Veterans
Founded in 1837 as an outgrowth of St. John A.M.E. Bridgewater First church of denomination between Pittsburgh and Cleveland Original building built on 3rd Ave. Used until 1878. Chartered in 1880. Current church building erected in 1894.
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Passenger Station Woodlawn, PA This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior
Honoring all veterans who answered the call-served, fought or died so that others could be free to live in peace.
During the term of Thomas Jefferson, the Embargo Act of 1807 was passed ending the importation of iron from England and Europe. Iron furnaces sprang up immediately in western Pennsylvania to supply the needs of the pioneers and cash-in on the high…
This striking waterfall is the result of geologic activity some 18,000 years ago. Immense glaciers covering this region began melting, sending floodwaters down Clarks Run. Eventually, the creek cut deeply through the overlying rock and soil until …
Named for General Anthony Wayne, his defeat of the Indians in 1794 made possible peaceful settlement of the Ohio Territory and beyond.
Founded in 1910 by Rev. Onley and five members, was the first church with African American membership in the Aliquippa area. The present site was built in two phases. In 1922 Rev. Jones built the cellar. In 1945 Rev. Roberts built the church sanct…
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