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For over 200 years, Bedford County taverns have served as stopovers for weary travelers en route to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. Over the years, most of these taverns have ceased to operate. However, the Jean Bonnet Tavern continues to offer a fine…
This inn at the junction of the Forbes and Burd Roads was operated, 1779-1815, by Jean Bonnet and his heirs. In mid-1794, during the Whiskey Rebellion, embattled farmers met here and raised a liberty pole to protest the federal excise tax on whisk…
The ForksThe Road cut by Colonel James Burdin 1755 and the Forbes Road diverge here,Forbes Road leading southwestward to ShawneeCabins Encampment 4 1/2 miles from Fort Bedford.
This intersection marks the point where Forbes Roadof 1758 diverged from the path cut by Col. Burd in1755. The Forbes Road led through the wildernesswest toward Ligonier from this point.
Entrenchments still visible by the roadsides were prepared in June, 1863, by militia under Col. J.C. Higgins against threatened Confederate attack toward the railroad at Altoona. The march of troops toward Gettysburg on June 30-July 1 ended the da…
Nearby water gaps have made this an important transporation corridor for thousands of years. Native American trails, 18th century military roads, the Pennsylvania Road, the Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike, the Lincoln Highway, US 30, and the Pen…
Depot of supplies assembling place of an army of nearly eight thousand men and the starting point of General John Forbes' Expedition for the possession of Fort Duquesne. The road leads Westward to the Forks.
In 1936 seventy-five percent of Pennsylvania farms had no electric service. During the next five years, with Federal support, 14 consumer-owned cooperatives were formed in this State. Bedford Rural Electric Cooperative, which serves members in Bed…
At the Juniata Crossings, half a mile north of here, General Forbes erected a small stockade in 1758 to protect the communications of his army moving west to attack Fort Duquesne.
Settled about 1750, known then as Raystown. Site of an early trade post and Fort Bedford, 1758. Base for Forbes, Bouquet expeditions. In 1794 Washington here reviewed forces in Whiskey Rebellion.