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Eastward on the hillside can be seen the Manchester estate of Robert Todd Lincoln, eldest son of President Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. He became fond of Vermont, and for over twenty years made this his summer home. He died here July 25,…
On this sitestood theContinental StorehouseObject ofthe British attackthat was repulsedby the Colonial Forcesat theBattle of BenningtonAugust 16, 1777
The Expedition led by Lieut. Col. Baum Sent to Seize Military Stores here, wasDefeated by Volunteer Amer-ican Militia Forces fromNew Hampshire, Massachusettsand Vermont, Commanded byGeneral John Stark, AidedBy Colonels Warner andHerrick, of Vermon…
On August 16, 1777, British forces sent by Gen'l Burgoyne to seize supplies at Bennington were turned back by New Englanders under Gen'l John Stark and Vermont's Col. Seth Warner. This 306 foot commemorative shaft planned 100 years later, was dedi…