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(Front text) This church, one of the oldest Methodist organizations in Berkeley County, was formally organized about 1825. Circuit riders had preached in the area for more than forty years, and services held under a brush arbor here inspired parti…
For all who proudly serve in our armed forces
Dedicated in grateful tribute to those who served in the armed forces of the United States May 26, 1986
"The Village of Eadytown is the site of the last known Indian tribe in Upper St. John's Parish. In early 1700 American Settlers, moving inland, settled here and eventually became a vital part of the Community. Fort Schinkin, located on the Santee …
FrontHonoring Berkeley County Confederate Soldiers "Deo Vindice" J B Adkins, S Adkins, S Alexander, J Armstrong, J F Avinger, E Ball, I Ball, J M Ball, J Ball, W J Ball, A Ballentine, J J Ballentine, L E Ballentine, W J Bates, D F Baxter, J J B…
Burial place of Col. Hezekiah Maham A native of St. Stephen's Parish Berkeley County, South CarolinaBorn 1739 Died 1789He was a distinguished soldier andpatriot of the American Revolution
When the South Carolina Public Service Authority was clearing the lands for the Santee Cooper Lakes, and removing buildings and other things man had erected during his two and a half centuries in upper Berkeley, there were numerous small items of …
Disastrous American defeats during the Revolutionary War at Charleston and Camden in the summer of 1780 led many South Carolinians to give up the fight for independence. But Francis Marion carried on the struggle, waging a guerrilla war in the for…
For what he did in less than three years during the Revolutionary War, Francis Marion won enduring fame. By the nineteenth century he was remembered as the Swamp Fox, the partisan commander who always eluded the British and their Loyalist allies. …
Wadboo was a Native American name given to the enormous landholding of James Colleton, a son of Sir John Colleton, who was one of the original eight Lords Proprietors of the Carolina colony. Called a barony according to the Proprietors' plan for a…