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That the loving memory ofBlair County's War Mothersmay be forever perpetuated,this shaft is erected by agrateful people
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With the vision of universal freedomfor all mankindthis tree is dedicated toCW2 Sheldon Schultzand allPrisoners of WarandMissing in Action1973
This mountain lion has stood proudly on the campus of Altoona Area High School since May, 1972. Heinz Warneke, the sculptor of the Penn State University Nittany Lion, was hired by the AAHS Alumni Association to create a similar piece as a tribute …
Erected in honor of theSoldiers and Sailors of theSpanish American WarThis projectile was firedfrom one of the guns ofthe fleet of the U.S. Navyat Santiago CubaJune. 23. 1898.
One of the more unusual pieces of railroad equipment is the "scale test weight car" such as displayed here. Railroads charged their customers based upon the weight of goods shipped. After a car was loaded, the railroad moved the car to a railroad …
"You had to be a waiter - a good one - to work in the Dining Department. You worked 16 and 17 hours a day. Half the time we had to sleep in the dining car."- James Corbett, Dining Car Waiter For passengers, eating aboard a train was always an e…
"The Pennsy wanted to make the track areas and stations look good. They gave out prizes to different sections for beauty and upkeep."- Lou Johnston, Posy Gang member A Hint of Nature in a Mechanical WorldAmong the hundreds of jobs on the Pennsy…
You are standing at the center of what was once the greatest railroad shop complex in the world - the Altoona Works of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Established in 1850 along with the town of Altoona, the railroad shops eventually sprawled across …
Over 300,000 skilled tradesmen went on strike against United States railroads to defend gains by unions during World War One. The Pennsylvania Railroad shops in Altoona led the anti-union opposition. The bitter struggle led to the 1926 Railway Lab…