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Erected 1844-1847. Architect, Robert Cary Long, Jr. Residence of Elias Baker, Ironmaster, and his family, 1848 to 1914. Museum of the Blair County Historical Society since 1922. Entrance to mansion from street in rear.
This fine example of Greek Revival Architecture was the home of Elias Baker, a leading ironmaster of the region. Built in 1846, it is now the museum and home of the Blair County Historical Society. Located on the hill opposite this point.
Founded 1849 as a terminal for westward expansion of the Pennsylvania Railroad. It soon became a major railroad center of the nation. Scene of the War Governors' Conference, 1867.
Opposite are remains of furnace built in 1811, the second in this section. It was operated until 1884. The stone store building built in 1837 is the oldest in the city of Altoona.
Erected 1785 by Thomas Blair. Residence of his son, John Blair, for whom Blair County was named in 1846. John Blair was a member of the General Assembly and until his death, 1832, a leading citizen of the region.
Here was boyhood home of the Black physician who pioneered successful heart surgery, 1893. Founded Provident Hospital, Chicago, 1891. Chief surgeon at Freedmen's Hospital, Washington, DC, 1894-98. Charter member, College of Surgeons, 1913.
Here at Hollidaysburg the 127-mile Juniata Division of the Pennsylvania Canal met the Allegheny Portage Railroad, which extended 36 miles west over the mountain to Johnstown. The Juniata Division was opened in 1832, the railroad in March 1834. Reg…
The PRR built its first repair facilities here in 1850 and opened its first track to Altoona during the same year. By 1925, Altoona was home to the nation's largest concentration of railroad shops, with 16,500 people employed in several locations.