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Threatened by demolition because it was inthe path of the Route 18 extension, thisGreek Revival style home was moved byWHALE to this once-vacant lot in 1979and sold to owners who restored it. "Building the Future on the Best of the Past"
A fine example of late 19th century commercial architecture, this warehouse was erected in front of the Andrew Robeson mansion and housed an auction business selling everything from antique furniture to ships. WHALE acquired the building in 1875 a…
This building possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. Nathan and Polly Johnson, prominent African American abolitionists, sheltered escaped slaves in this underground railroad "station." It …
(Marker on the left side of the door) "In the same New Bedford there stands a whaleman's chapel and few are the moody fisherman, shortly bound for the Indian or Pacific Oceans who failed to make a Sunday visit to this spot." Moby Dick. …
Col. Lewis L. Millett, U.S. Army Medal of Honor, D.H.S. (Dartmouth High School) Class 1940, American Legion Post 307, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9059.
This memorial statue is dedicated to Medal of Honor recipient Private David Lewis Gifford Company B, 4th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry and all Dartmouth residents who served in the Civil War. 1861-1865.
In honor of the Hebronville Men and Women who served their country in World War II and in memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice. Let all who come after see that they shall not be forgotten.
In Memory of Historian, Author, and Fire Chief Donald R. Bernard 1932 - 1993 Who led Revolutionary and Civil War Re-enactments on this site. His efforts brought awareness of the significant role the area has played since the birth of ou…
Taken from the British at Nassau 1777, by Colonial ship of war Alfred - Placed on Fort Phoenix Recaptured by British and left on the fort spiked, and with trunions knocked off - Afterwards mounted in Union street for village defense. Placed here 1…
The fortress structures of Fort Phoenix remaining today are the parapet, built before the Civil War, and the gunpowder magazine, completed in 1865. The Civil War era officer's quarters and barracks were destroyed by fire in 1918. The shape and …
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