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Dedicated to those members of the armed forces of the United States who have honorable and unselfishly served their country.
Uhlertown, known as Mexico at an earlier date, was named for Michael Uhler, boatbuilder and operator of a line of canal boats. Lock No. 18 and well kept buildings are interesting reminders of canal days.
Born Nockamixon Township, served 6th and 104th Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861. Regiment flag bearer, Fair Oaks, Va., May 31, 1862, wounded twice, faced advancing enemy while Union Army in retreat, saved another regiment color from capture after bea…
A system of State-built public works to connect Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lake Erie. The Delaware Division, Bristol-Easton begun 1827; operated by the State 1831-58, and by private owners to 1931. A State park since 1940.
This histric house and farm was given to the people of Bucks County by John J. Stover, May 1955, to become the first county park. Dedicated October 5, 1970
Delaware CanalHere is Lock No. 12 in a series of 23 lift locks, numbered from Bristol to Easton. Just above here is one of the nine aquaducts by which the canal and its traffic crossed courses of small streams. Pennsylvania CanalA system of sta…
Noted artist and co-founder of the "luminist" style of landscape painting. Also known for his humingbird studies and floral still lifes. He first studied with Edward and Thomas Hicks in Newtown. Born and raised here; family owned the store across …
On this spoton a tract of landof 505 acres calledby the IndiansWin-Na-Haw-Caw-ChunkJohn Pidcockthe first white settlerbuilt mills andestablished a tradingpost with the Indiansin 1684
Headquarters ofBrigadier-General Lord Stirlingprevious to the Battle of Trenton.Quartered with him wereCaptain William Washington,Lieutenant James Monroe(later President of the United States)andCaptain James Mooreof the New York Artillery, whodied…
This tree was27 yrs old whenGeorge Washingtonwas here.