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Freedom Is Not Free Military Service Emblems Army · Navy · Air Force Marine Corps · Coast Guard · Merchant Marine Galen C. Aase · Loren R. Aase · William J. Aase · Wayne M. Ada…
In Memory OfOur NationsDefenders Erected by W.R.C. No. 1241914
In Memory of Those WhoServed Our Country
This site and memorial is forever dedicated to the memories, valor, courage and ideals of those Buffalo County residents that have given their all and rest in burial sites at home, abroad and at sea. It is also dedicated to those that have endured…
Before the white man came to this area Indians of the Chippewa, Winnebago and other tribes roamed freely along the Mississippi River. Recorded history tells of an Indian tribal battle that took place on these river banks which was witnessed by som…
Thomas A. Holmes (1804-1888) established the first permanent settlement in Buffalo County in 1839 at the present site of Fountain City. In the fall of that year Holmes and a party of twelve including his wife came up the Mississippi River to barte…
Designed by and constructed under the direction of The Corps of Engineers, United States Army 1932 - 1935 Contractor for lock - Ouilmette Construction & Engineering Co. Contractor for dam - United Construction Co. Contractor for electrical work - …
The Beef Slough was a sluggish branch of the Chippewa River that provided an excellent storage pond for the logs floated downstream by numerous logging companies. Here loggers were employed to arrange the mixed-up logs into orderly rafts to be tow…