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Ogly-Stroud Massacre William Ogly built his cabin near this site at Poplar Springs along the Federal Road, and was killed here with most of his family on March 13, 1818. His friend Eli Stroud's wife was fatally wounded and their infant child k…
Front William Bartram, America's first great naturalist, passed through northwest Butler County in July 1775. He described the "limestone rocks" and "banks of various kinds of sea shells" left by oceans that covered this area millions of years ag…
On August 28, 1917, Alabama National Guardsmen departed from Union Station in Montgomery for shipment to France as the 167th United States Infantry Regiment of the Rainbow Division. Men from Butler County killed in action during 1918 in that great…
City of Georgiana Founded in 1855 Early settlers moved from Virginia, the Carolinas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia into the deep forests of southern Butler County. In 1855, the Rev. Pitt S. Milner established a home-stead and post office 16 m…
Side 1 Hank Williams' Boyhood Home Hiram Williams lived in Georgiana from age 7 to 11. In 1931, Mrs. Lillie Williams moved Hiram and his sister Irene from rural Wilcox County to this house owned by Thaddeus B. Rose. When he was 8, his mother…
In March 1863 Francis and Sarah Sheppard gave 3 acres of land to Methodist Episcopal Church South as a place for worship and burial. 2 more acres given by Alexander and Mary Sheppard Oct. 1868. Property sold to County Line Primitive Baptist Church…
In Memory ofButler CountyVeterans ofWorld War I1917-1918
InMemory ofButler CountyVeterans ofVietnam War Killed in ActionLikely, James T. · 10-2-1967Taylor, Clarence · 5-28-1969Rutherford, Michael T. · 11-5-1969Cooper, William Morris · 9-7-1968Johnson, Johnny L. · 10…
1990—1991With gratitude for the faithful service ofour men and women and for God's careand guidance.
Front1941—1945 Dedicatedto the glory of Godand in grateful memoryof all those Butler Countianswho served their countryin the cause of freedom.RearThese made theSupreme Sacrifice