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And In Loving Memory of Eliza Walter Passavant 1823 1906 A Devoted Mother "Given to Hospitality" Self-Denying in Service "An Help Meet For" Her Husband William Alfred Passavant, D.D. 1821 1894 The Founder of the Orphan Home and Farm Sc…
Returning to Virginia from his historic visit at Fort Le Boeuf, Washington used the adjacent Venango Indian Trail. In this locality, on Dec. 27, 1753, he narrowly escaped death, being shot at by an Indian less than fifteen paces from him.
Commissioned 21 December 1963 Decommissioned 1 February 1993 A combat stores ship manned by 430 officers and enlisted personnel First ship to use UH-460 Sea Knight helicopter for faster record setting replenishments of the US Naval Sevent…
Dedicated with honor to the men and women who served our country: Those who gained our freedom, Those who defended our freedom, Those who preserved our freedom. *THE VETERAN* The Rock of Our Nation God Bless America
Here are buried an unknown number of local victims of the worldwide influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 — one of history's worst epidemics in terms of deaths. In Butler County, the worst period was early October to early November 1918, with some…
Many of the newly arrived settlers stayed here until they could build their own houses.
This little building housed a "Spider Coil" at the base of the KDKA 718 foot broadcasting tower at Saxonburg. It provided a smooth path for the 50,000 watt signal to the world.
Organized in 1806, Plains Presbyterian Church was the first church to form in Cranberry Township. The first services were held in groves and a tent. A log church was built in 1820 replaced by a brick church in 1839 with the present frame structure…
Cranberry Township's first post office, Ogle, opened 1850 in the home of Thomas Robinson on old Perry Highway (now Dutilh Road) .09 mile south of here. The post office and Ogle placename later moved to this location where postal services alternate…
Known as "Uncle Billy" Smith. In 1859, he drilled the world's first successful oil well with tools that he made in his blacksmith shop near Tarentum. The well, 69½ feet deep, was drilled near Titusville for Colonel Edwin Drake. "Uncle Billy" …