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Discovery-Rodessa Oil Field. . United Gas Public Service Company, discovered the Rodessa Oil Field one mile west of this historical marker on July 7, 1935. Rodessa was a "Boom Town" a few weeks later. . . United's L.L. Young No. 1, Le…
Frog Level. Later Rodessa "History". Frog Level and Rodessa. A town meeting was called in the 1800's by Noah Tyson Sr., store owner, police juror and post master, to name their town. The frogs were hollering in a nearby pond. A man from Alabama j…
912 Commerce Street, 80 feet south of this corner, site of the Benjamin L. Hodge home, where Gen. Smith lived 1863-65 while Commander of Trans-Miss. Dept. CSA. Built 1848, demolished 1960. Originally home of La. Supreme Court Judge Thomas T. Land.
First United Methodist Church operated as a station church on the Greenwood-Shreveport Circuit from the 1830s and established its first building in 1845 on Market Street between Travis and Fannin. The congregation moved to this location at the "He…
Opened in 1895, Justin Gras Grocery and Liquor here once stood as Shreveport's largest retail grocery business. Famous for saying "What is good for Shreveport is good for me," Gras gave to numerous causes, including a $2.3 million endowment to cre…
Built by Martin Tally about 1865. Known as the Smith Building from 1870. Extensively remodelled 1897. Served as first Federal Courthouse of Shreveport 1881-1887. Later home to Eliott Electric Company and Harrison Tobacco Company.
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Built 1910 for Arkansas-St. Louis-Southwestern Railroad. Only surviving passenger railroad terminal in city built prior to WWI. Listed in National Register of Historic Places, 1991.
In 1836 Market Street was designated the site of the city market. From 1850 to 1872 the Market House was located in the middle of Market Street from Texas Street north to the alley. On October 4, 1890 Shreveport's electric streetcar service, the f…
In 1870, three blocks northeast of this site, water well drillers discovered the first natural gas field in northwest Louisiana. An ice plant located near the site was the first to utilize this new resource. The area's first commercial reservoi…