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Built about 1725, this became the home of Richard and Charity Chew Powell who had 21 children including 17 sons who served in the American Revolution. The Powells and several sons are buried nearby.
1626On this high bank along the Timber Creek was the Indian Village of Armewamex 1730John Ashbrook in his will reserved "...one whole acre where the burying place now is for the useof the neighborhood." Making this the oldest known pu…
The Gabreil Daveis Tavern was built in 1756 as part of a 178 acre plantation. This was the first recorded tavern along the "Irish Road", the great road leading from Gloucester Township to Great Egg Harbor. Guests could find lodging and m…
The Cherry Hill area was at times occupied by both forces in the Revolutionary War in 1777. Continental soldiers joined with local farmers in destroying strategic bridges across the Newton and Timer Creeks to delay the Hessians who were marching t…
Jarena Lee was born February 11, 1783 in Cape May, New Jersey. At the age of seven Lee was sent away to become a house servant. In 1804, Lee experienced a spiritual awakening and was baptized around 1807. After several years of struggle, she felt …
The Edward Sharp House has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
Licensed in 1688, it carried New Jersey products to Philadelphia. Terminus for stage lines in 1751, for railroads in 1834 and 1854
Beginning in the 1620s European settlers of Dutch, Swedish and English origin arrived along the Delaware River in the vicinity of present-day Camden, and by the 1670s English Quakers had established permanent homesteads throughout the region. One …
Whitman's summer home 1876-1881 "A pleasant house, part of it quite old with maples and lilac bushes growing in the yard." Location 315 Maple Ave.
First settlers came in 1714. Village once called "Long-A-Coming", being along the Lonaconing Indian Trail from the river to the sea.