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In addition to carrying out constitutional responsibilities, the Lieutenant Governor plays an important role in celebrating, inspiring and connecting British Columbians. Many organizations invite the Lieutenant Governor to act as their patron. The…
Born in New BedfordMassachussets [sic] in 1814Died in Victoria in 1912while a resident ofthe Old Men's Home He came to Victoria from California in 1858 and was appointed by Governor James Douglas as a police constable but racial prejudice made …
Baptized: March, Cambridgeshire, EnglandJune 7 1817Died: Victoria, B.C., CanadaJuly 11, 1894 On August 17 of 1862, Barker struck gold at 52 feet on Williams Creek, Cariboo. The town of Barkerville bears his name. Like many miners he was soon br…
She came here in 1843 with her husband, Chief Trader Charles Ross, who was in charge of building Fort Victoria. After his death she bought the land upon which you are standing for a farm. By so doing she became the first woman to own land in what …
First Bishop of British Columbiawho resigned after completingnearly 34 years of untiring andlaborious work in this colonyHe died at Parham Vicarage,Suffolk, Englandon December 10th 1895and was buried 14th Decemberin the churchyard of that parish. …
First Reeve of Oak Bay Municipality 1906Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, January 19, 1867Died at Cowichan Lake, August 9, 1920Beloved Husband ofMary Eleanor Ward Oliver (1869-1959) Installed 2006 - Oak Bay Centennial
Came with their five children from Papa Westray, Orkney Isl[ands]. aboard the sailing ship Knight Bruce via Cape Horn. Arrived at Victoria on 24 Dec 1864 after 180 days at sea.
[Born] December 7th, 1870,Victoria,Drowned Ellice Bridge DisasterMay 26th, 1896
This memorial commemorates the 150 Victorians of Japanese descent who are buried in this historic cemetery, beginning in 1887. During the 1940's, when no person of Japanese descent was allowed to remain within 100 miles of the West Coast, many …
The original Porcellino, or little pig, sits on the south side of the Straw Market in Florence, Italy. For generations his nose has been affectionately rubbed to bring good luck, so that today his snout is finely burnished. About 1620 Pietro Ta…
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