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August 9, 1780. Erected by the Patriotic Order Sons of America and the pupils of the public schools, June 12, 1915. Terra Rubra Farm, birthplace and early home of the author of the Star Spangled Banner who died in Baltimore January 11, 1843.
The birthplace of Francis Scott Key the author of our National Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner."
Major General George G. Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac, maintained headquarters on the nearby Shunk Farm from June 30 until the night of July 1, 1863. From here he directed the initial concentration of the Union forces at Gettysburg.
"Shining lights." Gettysburg Campaign. At daybreak on June 30, 1863, Gen. J. E. B. Stuart arrived here from his bivouac at the Orendorff farm north of Westminster. He then gathered his brigade commanders to discuss Union Gen. Judson H. Kilpatr…
After stunning victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, Virginia, early in May 1863, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee carried the war through Maryland, across the Mason and Dixon Line and into Pennsylvania. His infantry marched north throug…
"I'm a Union man!" Gettysburg Campaign.In 1863, brothers Andrew K. and William Shriver resided on either side of the Littlestown Turnpike here and likewise were divided in their loyalties, with William supporting the Confederacy and Andrew the Un…
Built 1797 on the site of an earlier mill by Andrew and David Shriver, Jr. On June 29, 1863 General J. E. B. Stuart and his cavalry camped here. On June 30, 1863 General James Barnes of the 5th Corps U. S. Army spent the night on his way to Get…
The Second Cavalry Division and the Sixth Corps, Army of the Potomac, camped about Manchester June 30, 1863. Headquarters for Major General John Sedgwick was located on nearby Old Fort School House Road. On the night of July 1, the Corps left Manc…
In memory and grateful appreciation of our heros.1917 World War I 1918(list of names)1941 World War II 1945(list of names)
Christopher Vaughn laid out the town of Hampstead in 1786 on land called Spring Garden, located along the Indian path from Patapsco (Baltimore) to Letort's Spring (Carlisle) which had been marked by Christopher Gist and made a public road in 1738.
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