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After stunning victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, Virginia, early in May 1863, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee carried the war through Maryland, across the Mason and Dixon Line and into Pennsylvania. His infantry marched north throug…
County seat of Carroll County, founded 1764 first called Winchester for its founder William Winchester (1710-1790), who was born in Westminster, England (now a part of Greater London) Westminster Academy incorporated 1839 (later absorbed into the …
On June 29, 1863, Union Gen. George G. Meade ordered the Army of the Potomac to Pipe Creek to counter any move toward Washington or Baltimore by Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and to engage the Confederates in battle. Meade was unc…
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.
Whitelaw Reid, a Civil War correspondent, began reporting for The Cincinnati Gazette in 1862. On June 30, 1863, Reid took the train from Washington, D.C, and traveled to General George Gordon Meade's headquarters just outside of Taneytown on the f…
Taneytown was founded in 1754 by Raphael Taney, a land speculator from St. Mary's County. Some of the first buildings to line the dusty road were taverns-public houses where weary travelers could have a meal and spend the night. In fact President …
Settlers like German Protestants along with the French-and English-speaking Roman Catholics brought their unique cultures and their different religious denominations to Taneytown. By the 1750s, the German Reformed Church had organized its congrega…
Founded 1797 *National Register Listing* (National Register of Historic Places)
Built 1883 - 1884E. Francis Baldwin, ArchetectPresented to the Town of Sykesville in 1989 by Douglas F. and Marhta C. Cristand Farm and Home Service, Inc.Restored by the Town of Sykesville in cooperation with theMaryland Historical Trust.
Has been place on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
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